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The Strength Found in Fear and Anxiety

Find the power within your mental health and body

If you’re anything like me, the onset of intense anxiety or fear can make you feel powerless. It might make you feel hopeless or frustrated that, yes, you are here again and you do have these patterns of emotion. This can leave you feeling discouraged or disappointed in yourself.

Have you had these moments?

I’ve had a few in the past few weeks. And by a few I mean quite a few. So I recently went to the library to pick up some books on living in the moment. Aka, I went looking for Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now. I read it a few years back and decided it’d be a good time to reread it. Except they didn’t have any copies. And there were 25 holds on the book (wow, guys, we all want to know how to live in the now! how cool is that)

So I did what I sometimes do when the book I want isn’t available: I pick a book at random and trust that it’s the book I should read at that moment.

This led me to the book I’m currently reading, and loving, called Joyful Wisdom: Embracing Change and Finding Freedom. Aka, my method of choosing random books totally works

Within a few pages I knew I wanted to share some thoughts with you and I couldn’t even wait until I was done. I’m only halfway through and can’t wait any longer.

Here’s what I want to share: when your body reacts in strong emotions of fear or anxiety, when you feel strong depths of doubt or uncertainty, and when you are going through strong waves of insecurity, remind yourself of this — those emotions are strong. That is key word. This means you are capable of great strength. Regardless if, in the moment, that strength is being channeled into less-than-helpful feeling emotions it still reveals to yourself that you contain vast quantities of strength. Focus on this fact instead of the specifics of how that strength is being shown to you.

Instead of fighting the fear or anxiety, acknowledge it and remind yourself “if I can feel such passion and power in this manner, it means I’m capable of strength.” Ask the fear and anxiety to walk alongside you. Instead of these traits being negative qualities, or things you try to ignore or fight, look at them as friendly reminders that your heart has power. You can choose to try to ignore this power when you don’t like the face it shows, or you can embrace it and thank it for being part of your journey.

Aka: make anxiety and fear your bitch, but in a loving way, amirite?

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