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The Book is Coming!

I am beyond thrilled to finally share the news that The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating book is coming! It is in the final stages of development and in just a few short weeks you’ll be able to get a copy of your own.

I need to thank everyone who has helped with this project along the way, including my eagle-eyed editors, design team, and the many many readers along the way who took the time to read an early draft and give me comments like “this might be a bit TMI” which I could then maturely take into consideration by shrieking “YOU’RE a bit TMI!”

But really. Thank you to everyone who believed in this project. Your support, compassion, and unrelenting encouragement has been like Ryan Gosling’s abs: life-changing.

To read a free sample of the first few chapters, click here. 

To see the official description, click here (or just look a few inches below this sentence).
Keep checking back in the next few weeks for the official book-launch announcement!!


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