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Look Smart, Act Smart, Feel Smart, Be Smart

How to be smart and act smart even if have anxiety

In Junior High a friend of mine bought a new pair of glasses. The glasses had black frames, were chic, and they were 100% fake. The lenses were straight-up plastic. And I envied her like other girl’s my age envied the choker-clad models in dELiA*s catalogs (RIP). I’ve always loved the look of glasses.

This friend came to school with her new, not-even-close-to-being-necessary glasses and started jokingly saying the phrase “Look smart, act smart, feel smart, be smart” and by God that saying has stuck with me for over fifteen years. It’s one of my favorite sayings along with “THE SWEET CREAM RISES TO THE TOP” (*said with a shaking fist*).

I struggle with self-confidence. Due to my superhuman power of being as sensitive as a peach with no skin rolling down the hill into a rock quarry, I am easily bruised. My confidence is shaken in a light breeze. Since I’ve spent a fair amount of time during both my childhood and adult life in a state of worry (aka ALL the time) I’ve learned to second guess myself with ease. I am hard on myself. I doubt myself. Whine whine lifeissohard…

Look smart, act smart, feel smart, be smart. While this sentence is actually pretty silly when thought of as a thirteen-year-old’s new-glasses catchphrase, it rings true in a more mature/adult light: if you put yourself in the mindset of being a confident and intelligent person you will begin to act that way more readily.

What characteristic do you wish you were more of? For example, I always admire women who appear resolutely confident. I’ve recently fallen in love with the show The Newsroom (no spoilers I’m only on season 2!!) and have fallen hardcore in love with the strength of the characters MacKenzie McHale and Sloan Sabbith. And I wish I could be more like them. I’ve found myself strutting around my apartment wanting to shout “get in the control room!”

Whether you wish you were more creative, forgiving, hard-working, generous or more lovable, start acting like you already are. Do you know what I mean? Start acting like you are worthy of love and it will begin to become more natural. Start acting like you are creative. As if you are a hard worker. As if you are generous of spirit.

Look loved, act loved, feel loved, be loved. Amirite!?

But seriously, watch The Newsroom if you want to get a shot of women-empowerment. Huge crushes going on over here you guys xoxoxo <3 <3 Mackenzie&Sloanforevsss





  1. Yes, what you believe and feel inside will reflect on your attitude, so feel smart my friend…I know you are from the way you write :) The Newsroom is not shown here so I’ll try to see if it’s available in youtube. Keep being empowered!

    • Ah, thank you so much for your kind words! And you too…your blog is such a genuinely warm and welcoming place for readers. Keep it up!!

      • Thank you Hattie for visiting, I don’t really consider myself a writer but I’ll try to write when I’m inspied but I love reading and I enjoyed your posts :)

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