1. Our focus (often) is on our faults rather than our accomplishments. We can do 9 wonderful things, but the 10th event that causes issues is where we focus ALL our attention. We must stop beating up on ourselves. Life is about BALANCE which requires success AND failure. We must place the word and concept of failure in its proper context. Failure is necessary to achieve our maximal growth potential. We can’t continue to learn and develop if we don’t try new things. The word “try” implies that failure may be a potential outcome. This should NOT result in abandonment of the idea or event, but rather suggest redirection is needed.
    This approach reduces the stress that so many face in approaching new things in life and adds quality to one’s health. As we begin to practice this new approach, our “wings for carefree flight” (joy and happiness) begin to develop.

    • I love the idea of redirection versus abandonment….that’s a wonderful perspective! Thank you for reading and sharing!

  2. I really love reading your blog. I live with G.A.D and it’s really great to read about other women who have similar concerns (and are living such full lives!).


    • Oh my lordy thank you thank you for leaving this comment and letting me know — it’s been a tiring few days and to read this at the end of them makes me feel PSYCHED. I’m super excited to see what you get up over on your blog…congrats on starting it!!

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