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Once Again, Jenny Jaffe Rocks Our World

One of the weird side effects of our incredibly connected, social-media-driven world is how it can sometimes feel like you don’t exist if you choose to step away for a bit. Whether you’re afraid of missing out on social events, you’re afraid you’ll stop knowing what’s going on in the world, or you’re afraid people WILL FORGET YOU EXIST, the fear can be real. That’s why I fell head over heels in LOVE with this new video Jenny Jaffe (the founder of Project UROK) created in response to some of the more recent events in the news. And if I could, I’d high five the shit out of her.

“If social media is starting to stress you out you can disengage. I doesn’t mean that you are a person who are uninformed, it doesn’t mean you’re being willfully ignorant, it means you’re taking care of yourself. It can be really important to consume the kinds of media that make you feel good.”

She then proceeds to list happy things you can find on the internet like “goat friends with dog” or “Tom Hardy holding dogs.” This woman is wise as every wizard in every Disney movie that has a wizard.

Go ahead. Unplug when you need. Come back when you want….you won’t be forgotten.

Then check out all the amazing resources at Project UROK because they are beautiful and bold warriors of mental health.

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