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Is Taylor Swift’s New Video Linked to Calvin Harris?

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Secretly Dating

For my four readers who read my previous Taylor Swift + Calvin Harris posts, I’m still here. I haven’t gone anywhere. And I’ve been right alongside all of you feverishly decoding T’s newest singles, art, and clues. This woman makes me feel alive.

I am in awe of everyone out there who unravels what is going on and shares. You guys are SLEUTHS. I don’t have the capacity to keep up with posting BUT I had to share these thoughts I’ve had today ever since she dropped her new teaser trailers for …Are You Ready for It?

If you go back and read my previous posts (namely, I’m Pretty Positive Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris are Still Dating) you’ll see why I was super excited to see her line “Baby let the games begin….are you ready for it?” since it feels like her and Calvin had to buckle up and hold on tight while their wild game began.

When I woke up this morning and saw the frozen shot for her new trailers I almost squealed because HELLO LIGHTNING BOLT. (Lightning strikes every time she moves, guys).

I went and spent some time with the video for This is What You Came For and that led me back over to the video for Look What You Made Me Do.

Let’s look at this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.54.26 PM


Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.52.51 PM

Calvin Harris/This is What You Came For

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.54.57 PM

@taylorswift/instagram/…Are You Ready for It?

“….lightning strikes every time she moves. But she’s looking at you.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.52.38 PM

Calvin Harris/This is What You Came For

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.51.45 PM

Calvin Harris/This is What You Came For

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.53.31 PM

Taylor Swift/Look What You Made Me Do

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.53.56 PM.png

Taylor Swift/Look What You Made Me Do

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.50.07 PM

Calvin Harris/This is What You Came For

The similar aesthetics of these shots are undeniable. It’s also so exciting to think these two songs could come together somehow, but I’m not sure how exactly that might happen. Except, OH WAIT, if they’ve been secretly dating this entire time then it’s totally easy.

When these are all put side-by-side, they may as well be the same video at first glance:

Untitled design (2)

Taylor, if you’re reading this, GIRL I SEE YOU. I’m in love. I’m living for it. As a poet in Seattle, your mastery of symbolism, attention to detail, and skill of word makes me so thrilled.

Keep going. We are ready for it. Baby, let the games begin.





  1. Jenny says

    Hi Hattie ☺

    I was so excited to come to your blog and see see two brand new posts about our favorite pop culture theory!! I have thoughts…. And I would like to apologize in advance for completely abusing the “comments” section. I’m about to write a whole book…or at least a whole chapter of a book…So, sorry…but as you are the only other person (that I know of) who believes this little conspiracy theory… you’re really my only outlet. ;)

    We left off right before “My Way” was released. I got greedy, and was expecting some big crazy reveal or something. It was way too soon, I get it. Everyone wrote that he was throwing shade at Taylor, (She was what was in his way, two-faced, etc.) I felt that he was speaking to the media, and the rest of us. They had to eliminate the media circus, and people not respecting boundaries, from their relationship…and acknowledging that by being misleading, he could seem “two-faced.” ( The irony of my fascination with all of this is not lost on me. I know, I know…but, to be fair, I only became interested when things just didn’t seem right. When it comes to solving puzzles and mysteries, I need to see them through…and I think they kind of baited all of us too…)

    Anyway, that was pretty much it. Taylor went off the grid for the better part of a year, and gave us nothing else to go on. However, there was that one picture on her Instagram, of she and Calvin building the snowman. (with his back to the camera) It remained there until she deleted everything, the week before she announced Reputation. It definitely did not remain there by accident. She does nothing by accident. She is not sloppy, she is absolutely meticulous. When they reported that she was dating Joe Alwyn, it didn’t change a thing. It wasn’t HER announcing it, and any pictures of them were taken seemingly against their will or without their knowledge, and definitely violating respectful boundaries, as far as privacy. So if they set a trap, the media fell right in.

    Those initial snake video clips, leading up to LWYMMD, had those same those same digital-“flickering” effects ( I have no idea what the technical term is) that were all throughout TIWYCF and My Way, so of course my initial thought is, “Yes!! Here it comes, the big reveal!!” The she drops LWYMMD and then the video…. I admit that I loved them both so much,(and the songs that followed) that I completely stopped thinking about all of the above… I was like, “That kid probably really is her boyfriend, good for them!”

    Then, the “…Ready for It?” video came out, I snapped out of it, and went directly to your blog to see if we were still on the same page. Yay! We are! So, here is everything (new) I’ve got:

    • First of all, I guess the “Old Taylor” was very specific in her lyrics… While things were never “officially” confirmed, there was never any doubt who/what they were about….
    “twenty stitches in a hospital room…” Thanksgiving at your sister’s house, Upstate New York, scarf in a drawer, you still have it….. That kind of thing.

    • The “New Taylor” is going to speak (sing) in absolute RIDDLES…which is WAY more challenging and I LOVE it!!

    • There is absolutely no way that the TIWYCF and “…Ready for It?” are not connected… They both have a girl trapped in a weird box with a distorted reality and lightning,…AND the titles fit together, like a story, or something:

    “Okay, so, “This Is What You Came For” “…Ready For It? ” (I am!!!)

    • In “…Ready For It?’:

    Before I even started in with this crap, the part about moving to an island immediately made me think of Calvin and Taylor’s gorgeous island vacay pics. ;)

    “Younger than my exes”
    The obvious thought is Joe is younger than Calvin and Tom…But, Calvin is
    younger than John Mayer, Jake G. and Tom…

    “Burton to this Taylor”
    That story is a “love of a lifetime” type. They divorced, and remarried a year later. It would be ridiculous to try to compare her and Joe to that…. But if it were her and Calvin… maybe not so ridiculous ;)

    The whole “I know I’m gonna be with you, so I take my time….” Just seems right to me, and directed to Calvin.(Adam )

    • In Gorgeous:

    “I’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than us.”
    The obvious thought is her and Joe. (talking about her and Tom or Calvin) But, during the time Tom was “technically” her “boyfriend,” he was older than both Calvin and Taylor.

    “He’s in the club doing I don’t know what”
    The obvious thought is that Calvin is a DJ, so its referring to him, working in a night club … But Tom Hiddleston could totally be hanging out in a night club too…, or country club, or yacht club…

    According to the headlines, this song is definitely about Joe. Actually, she never seems to name him. He is just described as her “angel boyfriend of 1 year…So, if the “broken up” couple got back together a year ago…(I am attaching a screenshot)

    Okay, let’s just stop for a minute…. In WHAT universe would Taylor Swift EVER try to glamorize cheating?? Her cheating on HER boyfriend?? Sorry, nope, not happening…not “Old Taylor,” not “New Taylor,” Not EVER Happening.

    How about her remaining completely faithful to her beloved during these times where they are forced to be apart and “pretend” for the greater good? Yes, that actually makes PERFECT sense!!

    And I don’t mean any of that in a bad way either…The lady behaves like a lady, and that is so admirable in this kind of garbage world we are living in right now.

    • In Conclusion:
    Taylor Swift is absolutely Kick-Ass Amazing! She has become an A++++++++ List Celebrity, and she uses that power for good….like the Apple letter… She had the powerful voice, and stood up for other musicians… She is always using social media to promote other (and usually newer) musicians…and if we are right about this TS & CH thing, she is going to make a huge statement about the media infringing on the (actual) lives of celebrities that will go down in history. If I am wrong…My bad, but she’s still pretty Kick-Ass!

    • Jenny!!!! Haha oh my goodness! You make me feel like I’ve discovered another person on the other side of my deserted island where I’ve been banished because I’ve gone too far into my CH+TS conspiracy theory lol!

      This gave me so much joy. And I especially laughed out loud when you mentioned feeling like “Yes! It’s coming…the big reveal!!” because I have 100% done that soooo many times. My friends are growing increasingly concerned at how much I’m digging my heels in with this theory, especially when it keeps not playing out.

      BUT. Here I am. Heels still dug. Haha my husband jokes that even if TS gets married to another guy down the road, decades go by, and I’m on my deathbed at 99 my last words are going to be “….I still think Taylor Swift is dating Calvin Harris secretly…” haha!

      I 100% agree with so much of what you’ve seen! I’d also noticed all those flickers happening and part of me was like “well, maybe that’s what the cool people do in music videos these days.” But I definitely feel like TIWYCF and Ready for It are linked. I played the music to TIWYCF over the video for Ready for It and when Rihanna sings “nothing more than we need” Taylor shakes her finger as if saying “no.”

      When she mentioned Burton + Taylor, people just seemed to think about the world-famous/tumultuous romance. BUT in 2015 CH+TS were named the highest-paid couple in the world. Richard Burton was the highest paid actor for a while…so was Elizabeth Taylor.

      I have to be humble and acknowledge the power of confirmation bias (when you tend to favor information/interpret new evidence that confirms previously existing beliefs or biases) BUT you can’t deny that she’s never actually *named* JA when talking about her significant other.

      We’re all chasing our tails trying to track her down, assuming she means X,Y, or Z when really she’s just the ring leader of all our madness.

      So brilliant.

      Thank you for making me feel less like Russell Crowe at the end of Beautiful Mind where he’s in the hut with all the papers and radios and more like Russell Crowe in Gladiator (aka a crafty badass).

  2. Jenny says

    I can’t seem to make this work…or I have left it eleven times. If so, I am so sorry. This is my last try.
    Hey There!

    I am back with freakin PROOF!!!! (Skip the next paragraph and go to the following if you want to get directly to the point.)

    Okay, so LWYMMD was not really about romance, and …Ready For It? and Gorgeous definitely have little references that we have already connected to CH…but the difference between those songs and Call It What You Want, is that the first two seem to maybe be in the same kind of spirit as Blank Space. That makes total sense given that the album is called Reputation. There will probably be plenty more of that too. I know what you mean about Call It What You Want… It’s like, “ I don’t need to prove it, because I just know.” Those videos just seemed in CH’s style… It doesn’t matter, those two were (are) in LOVE. It was obvious. From the 2015 Billboard Music Awards to her shout out at the iHeartRadio Awards, to the freakin gifted olive tree…!!! When I heard that part about “his initial on a chain…” She’s been wearing that necklace from the moment she started promoting this album…and we know who the initial belongs to!! ☺

    Okay, my proof. I stumbled on this :

    I know Photoshop could have been a factor, so I had to find the actual photos.

    CH’s Instagram… scroll to 2014. Pretty easy to find.

    Her’s was pretty easy to find too ☺

    After I post this I will obsessively try to get a good look at that necklace…. But for now, We are right, right?? I mean, she was just flaunting it…serving it right on a platter… like she wants to shout it from the rooftop! This makes me so happy!

    One more thing… I honestly can’t say that I have paid a lot of attention to backup vocals in TS songs, until now. I kind of thought she does her own backup vocals… recorded in the studio… But, in Call It What You Want, there is definitely a man singing…echoing “call it what you want to…” I wonder who it could be??

    I can’t freakin wait until Thursday night!!!!!

    • Girlllll WHAT. Your sleuthing is UNBELIEVABLE. I would have never known this…how do people find such in-depth details!? When I saw her spin around wearing that oversized black hoodie I wondered if that was his (and the photo behind her at that moment totally looks like it could be CH). And no joke, I was literally listening to “My Way” this afternoon to try and see if the vocals sounded anything like the male backup singer in CIWYW. That’s amazing.

      I rewatched the video for “My Way” and the excessive video splicing/glitches are reminiscent of the glitches in other TS videos (even the credits in that Making of a Song). That “series” could very well unveil more episodes that include CH collaborating with her!

      I’ve also been squinting at my phone/computer screen way too much trying to see her necklace lol…I feel like there are probably hundreds of us trying to decipher the pixels in those shots. Goodness gracious!

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