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Why I Think Taylor Swift’s “Call It What You Want” is About Calvin Harris

I know I am beating the same drum over and over again, sitting here on the street corner shouting into the void. So I will keep this one short.

Call it What You Want is such a breathtakingly beautiful song, let’s just get that out of the way. The song + her raw/vulnerable/heartwarming videos = emotional perfection.

I understand people assume this song is about Joe. This is valid, fair, and understandable.

And while I completely admit I am guilty of confirmation bias, here is why I think the song is about Calvin Harris.

At the iHeartRadio Awards in April 2016, Taylor said this an acceptance speech:

“You know, for the first time, I had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and the crowds were all gone. So I want to thank my boyfriend Adam for that.” 

Call it What You Want has the following lyrics:

Windows boarded up after the storm
He built a fire just to keep me warm


Starry eyes sparking up my darkest night

I could unravel all the other ways this song makes me a stronger believer than ever (even with the November line thrown in there), but I’m keeping it short and sweet. Because damn, those video clips and lyrics made me FEEL things.

Go find your happiness in life. Because you’ve earned a great one.

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