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The Power of Choosing Your Love

The further I burrow into the messy and mulchy business of planning a wedding, the more I’ve been thinking about the concept of free will. I’ve been thinking about freedom of choice. Jared and I have “chosen” to have a rather large wedding and have “chosen” to make sure certain things are at this wedding (food, booze, music, hopefully a kickass magician) but in reality was it just societal pressure making the choice for us? Was it all preordained in the land of Martha Stewart and Pinterest? Did I even want an assortment of cheeses and crackers as an appetizer!?? (Yes. The answer is always “yes” when it comes to cheese). Anxiety often has the habit of grabbing hold of the reins and making it feel like we’re simply along for the ride. This can feel especially true when we are trying to pursue love in our lives. Wedding planning has definitely been poking awake my anxiety. Which then makes me think about how I got here. It has made me think a lot about how …

What People Are Saying About “The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating”

Here are some snippets from reviews that are popping up for The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating book and let me just say THANK YOU. Seriously. This past year has been pretty challenging both personally and professionally and this project has been like a beacon of beautiful unicorn light. And now seeing your responses to the book is like glitter and sunshine sprinkled on top of that unicorn light. Along with some puppies. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this book. – Review by Lauren Hayley – ___ – Review by Angela Hamilton – ___ – Review by Ellie Miles – ___ – Review by Zoë – ___ – Review by Kelly – You guys, seriously, thank you.  And if you’re still wanting to read the book go here. Or here. Or here for a free sample. xo, hattie

Thriving with Social Anxiety: A New Project from Hattie

These past few months have been truly exciting and humbling. On top of releasing The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating I’m also thrilled to share with you guys the book Thriving With Social Anxiety, which I wrote in collaboration with Althea Press. It was such an honor to research and help shape this book to be a resource for people living with social anxiety. It is my hope that it might help give people some new ideas on living richer lives. Some of the things you’ll find in this book? 5, 10, and 30-minute therapeutic strategies Sample daily schedules for managing social anxiety Pros and cons of popular treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness Natural remedies, including meditation, essential oils, diet, and exercise Methods for enhancing confidence and assertiveness You can get your copy over at Amazon!