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Anxious Girls Guide Dating Nervous Shy First Date

New Review of The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating

I am so honored to share this review of The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating book, written by mental health blogger, Lauren Hayley. Lauren has a beautiful blog about living with Borderline Personality Disorder, Cyclothymia, and Agoraphobia. She writes with warmth, self-awareness, and above all honesty. I came across her blog after we connected via twitter and fell in love with her artwork and insight into mental health. Her review made me tear up a bit, since it felt like connecting with the “reader” I had in mind while I worked on the project. Plus, she said that thing above, which basically made me want to curl into a ball and weep silently. A huge thank you to Lauren for taking the time to read this book and write such a lovely and well thought-out review. Check out her blog here! Follow her on twitter here!

Thank you, you guys holy cow!!

Just saw that The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating is on Amazon’s “Hot New Release” list for both Anxiety and Dating!!!!!! WHAT. We’re #2  (hehe) on the Anxiety & Phobia list and #13 for dating, which means the book is on the same list as Aziz Ansari’s book (*faints*) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Get your copy on Amazon here and Kobo here. Read the first few chapters fo’ free right here on this website, yo.

The Book is Coming!

I am beyond thrilled to finally share the news that The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating book is coming! It is in the final stages of development and in just a few short weeks you’ll be able to get a copy of your own. I need to thank everyone who has helped with this project along the way, including my eagle-eyed editors, design team, and the many many readers along the way who took the time to read an early draft and give me comments like “this might be a bit TMI” which I could then maturely take into consideration by shrieking “YOU’RE a bit TMI!” But really. Thank you to everyone who believed in this project. Your support, compassion, and unrelenting encouragement has been like Ryan Gosling’s abs: life-changing. To read a free sample of the first few chapters, click here.  To see the official description, click here (or just look a few inches below this sentence). Keep checking back in the next few weeks for the official book-launch announcement!!

Why It Feels Like (For Now) the Health Insurance System Has Failed Me

1. When I quit my job a few months back I lost my health insurance. Even though I qualified for a subsidized insurance, I opted to pay for my own since I felt I needed “good” insurance. It is $300 a month. So far I’ve paid $1200 of my small savings towards my health insurance. It is money well paid not to feel alone. 2. Last month I was feeling physically terrible. Several days of nausea, fatigue, odd heart palpitations and pressure in my chest. When I called my general physician asking to schedule a checkup, I was told I needed to go to an ER. I repeated that I have a history of anxiety and all my symptoms reflected this — I just wanted to get checked out. They said if I was having chest pain I needed tests done that could only be done at an ER. They mentioned blood clots. I got scared. I went to the ER. There I talked about writing, Andre Dubus, and poetry with the medical assistant and …

Chatting About Writing & Anxiety Over at Bookaholic Confessions

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed at the delightful book blog, Bookaholic Confessions! The blog is run by Holly, a self-proclaimed “owner of sausage dogs”, who was so thoughtful and kind. She even gave a shout-out to The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating where I got a chance to talk a bit about living with anxiety. Check it out!   Be sure to visit Holly on twitter @BookaholicHolly!