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How to Be Someone’s Date to a Wedding For the First Time

I’m living proof, standing here today, to tell you it’s okay. If you get explosive diarrhea while trying to date someone and trying to be a classy date to a wedding, it is okay.

If you find yourself invited to a wedding and are going to know no one there and are nervous and hate the idea of small-talk, here are my tips for survival.

Ask What You Want Wednesday | Pre-Date Anxiety

Dear Hattie: A guy I haven’t talked to in person has just asked me out for coffee. We haven’t even named a date yet and my anxiety is driving me nuts and it’s all I’m thinking about. It’s really making me want to just cancel just to make it stop. Before anything, start by reminding yourself that you are in control of your choices. You always have the freedom to cancel or decide against going. But next remind yourself that you have a responsibility to yourself towards growth. It’s often easier, especially when it comes to our anxiety, to stay comfortable and avoid situations that heighten our anxiety. This situation is full of the unknown. This is probably where the majority of the anxiety is coming from. If you’ve never spoken to this person, let alone spent time one on one in a coffee shop having to talk and be a normal human being, it’s almost entirely full of the unknowns. This is very very scary. If you can, try and go to the coffee …