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A panic attack while on a date can feel like being locked inside

What to Do if You Have a Panic Attack During a Date

I count myself as fortunate. I’ve only experienced an anxiety attack 3 or 4 times in my life. They were not fun, though, and I feel for you if they are something you struggle with on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean I haven’t had plenty of almost-attacks. Oh, yes, I know the almost-attack very very well. It usually comes in the form of being-convinced-I’m-about-to-vomit (this is a lingering side effect of having Emetophobia for many years of my adolescence). While I’ve never had a full-blown anxiety attack while on a date, I can imagine what it would be like. And I definitely had one before a date once. While the advice I will give is maybe not perfect for you, I hope it will help if even a little bit. Here’s what I want to tell you: you are never stuck. You have options. Just because you walk into that coffee shop, that party, that movie, that park, doesn’t mean you have to stay there. So much of panic/anxiety attacks come from the buildup of …