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Hattie C Cooper talks about anxiety and scott stossel

My apology to Scott Stossel, or, The Atlantic article about anxiety that hit too close to home

While flying back home from the holidays, I found myself in the airport bookstore. As I previously wrote, I sometimes have anxiety when I travel and I can’t always predict when it’ll hit. My anxiety had been in the forefront of my mind, especially since it’d been acting up a bit while visiting my family back in California. But then I saw it in the bookstore: The Atlantic, Jan/Feb issue with the big, bold, title “Surviving Anxiety.” You may as well have cracked open the heavens and cued some damn angels to start singing, it felt like divine intervention. But here’s the thing, the article hit too close to home.  Not only does he write about living with anxiety, but he writes about living with the exact phobia I used to struggle with (and still sometimes do). The fear of vomiting. Emetophobia. I wish I could say that my anxiety is a recent development, or that it is limited to public speaking. It’s not. . . . I’ve abandoned dates; walked out of exams; and had breakdowns …