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Win a Signed Copy of “The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating”

You guys. I’m getting married in a few days and life feels like I’m in the middle of that Fantasia scene where ostriches and hippos are ballerinas and music is blasting and my brain is a bottle of marbles. No joke? Last night I was wrapping presents at midnight and crying. I wasn’t even entirely positive why I was crying, I just was. Tissue paper, bags, ribbon, tears, tired tired tirwaitnowI’mlaughing. BUT. I’m also doing a giveaway on Goodreads! Huzzah! Big life events right and left! Goodreads Book Giveaway The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating by Hattie C. Cooper Giveaway ends March 18, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway   I only just realized that Goodreads even had this feature (since apparently I’m about as savvy as a rock). All you gota do is click “enter giveaway” and you’re entered to win one of four signed copies of the book. If you win, you’re welcome to tell me what you want me to write. I once was at a David Sedaris reading and he …

What People Are Saying About “The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating”

Here are some snippets from reviews that are popping up for The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating book and let me just say THANK YOU. Seriously. This past year has been pretty challenging both personally and professionally and this project has been like a beacon of beautiful unicorn light. And now seeing your responses to the book is like glitter and sunshine sprinkled on top of that unicorn light. Along with some puppies. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this book. – Review by Lauren Hayley – ___ – Review by Angela Hamilton – ___ – Review by Ellie Miles – ___ – Review by Zoë – ___ – Review by Kelly – You guys, seriously, thank you.  And if you’re still wanting to read the book go here. Or here. Or here for a free sample. xo, hattie

Hattie C Cooper talks about anxiety and scott stossel

My apology to Scott Stossel, or, The Atlantic article about anxiety that hit too close to home

While flying back home from the holidays, I found myself in the airport bookstore. As I previously wrote, I sometimes have anxiety when I travel and I can’t always predict when it’ll hit. My anxiety had been in the forefront of my mind, especially since it’d been acting up a bit while visiting my family back in California. But then I saw it in the bookstore: The Atlantic, Jan/Feb issue with the big, bold, title “Surviving Anxiety.” You may as well have cracked open the heavens and cued some damn angels to start singing, it felt like divine intervention. But here’s the thing, the article hit too close to home.  Not only does he write about living with anxiety, but he writes about living with the exact phobia I used to struggle with (and still sometimes do). The fear of vomiting. Emetophobia. I wish I could say that my anxiety is a recent development, or that it is limited to public speaking. It’s not. . . . I’ve abandoned dates; walked out of exams; and had breakdowns …