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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Secretly Dating

I Still Think I’m Right About Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris (UPDATE! Clues! I need to get out more!)

So listen, a few of you indulged me a few months back and read my wildly lengthy blog post about how I thought Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris might still be together even amidst her Hiddleston stuff. I stand here today, nearly two months later, standing by my claim. I’m gona keep this one short and sweet, but here we go: Yesterday, September 6th, the news came out that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston broke up. On September 3rd CH tweeted three geese emojis (much like he used to tweet the three lightning bolts ((see previous blog post on why this matters)).  Then on September 5th (one day before the breakup news) he tweeted a new image of the “This Is What You Came For” patch with new colors and geese where there used to be lightning bolts. He also changed his twitter header image to the same thing  (also, note what his pinned tweet STILL is after all these months..): Remember, this patch is the only evidence TS left on her instagram that alluded to …

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Secretly Dating

I’m Pretty Positive Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris are Still Dating & Here’s My PROOF

“But she’s looking at you.” Guys, she’s got her eye on us. For reals. Let’s Begin Listen, I know this is a complete 180 from my usual posts, but I’ve had a maddening cold this past week and basically all I’ve done is sit in bed and think about the Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris breakup because clearly I need to get out more. #dontjudge But here’s the thing. A few weeks back I was half-asleep at night and all of a sudden I thought, clear as day, they are still together. This is an epic troll-project. And now the more I look at things through this lens the more I’m so convinced. People have already pointed out that Taylor Swift(TS) and Tom Hiddleston(TH) could simply be filming a lengthy, elaborate video that comments on the way the media views her and relationships and I gotta say…I’m pretty much on board. But I also think that it’s totally possible her and Calvin Harris(CH) are still together. HEAR ME OUT. “But Hattie, HOW? So much has gone down?” you …