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Are Times of Transition Affecting Your Anxiety

For several years in college I worked as a behavioral therapist for children on the Autism Spectrum. Transitions were often challenging for a lot of my students and we’d play games that helped develop coping skills to ease transition times. Transition times were often categorized by a time one activity needed to end in order for another to begin. For example, needing to come in from the backyard in order to eat dinner. Or needing to turn off the TV to go take a bath. Or bedtime. BEDTIME. Any parent knows that transitioning to bedtime can turn into a mind-battle more complex than the average game of chess. It is tough to transition to darkness. I’m almost thirty-years-old and it wasn’t until yesterday (seriously guys, 24hrs ago) that it struck me that I too struggle with transitions. And I always have. How about you? Do you notice your anxiety alway increasing at the end of summer breaks as the school year nears? Did you ever have to start a new job? Start a new school? …