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Hattie Cooper with Thriving with Social Anxiety

Win a Signed Copy of “Thriving with Social Anxiety”

I’m so excited to announce a giveaway of the book “Thriving with Social Anxiety,” which I wrote in collaboration with Althea Press! It was such an honor to work on this book and every minute I spent researching and writing felt like a gift. My favorite chapter is on practicing mindfulness. Every day I try to remember to be mindful of my actions (even if it’s just thinking “right now you’re typing on your keyboard!!”) If you’d like to win a free, signed copy of the book (or if you know someone who might like to receive a copy) enter the raffle by clicking on the image below! Or, go here. The contest runs until Thursday, August 17th. Winners will be notified on that day! Thank you to everyone who has supported this book and my other projects. Keep thriving in your everyday life!

Patience Anxiety Go Easy On Yourself

Why You Need to Give Yourself a Break

It’s so easy to beat yourself up. To walk yourself into a cold, sterile room and seat yourself in a folding chair. To flick on the bare bulb above, slam your palms on the stainless steel table and shout “Last Saturday night at 7:48pm — why did you say that one thing??” Hours can be spent over-analyzing something you’ve said. Something you did. Something you didn’t do. Since moving to Seattle a few years back I’ve been slow to make my own friends. I’ve been welcomed by the wonderful friends of my partner, but as far as me striking out on my own and meeting people alone, I’ve been about as successful as a sea anemone who woke up one morning and shrieked “today I’m going to take a lovely stroll on the beach!” Good friends are hard to find. They are sometimes even harder to find for people with anxiety. Finding and making friends can often feel a lot like the dating world. You hope to find someone with similar interests, compatible humor, and …

Ask What You Want Wednesday | Starting Over

I have very recently ended a relationship of two+ years. We both knew near the end things were not going as they were before. He moved away due to his career and that is what amplified our problems. We were forced to talk more which neither of us are good at. Pulled out of comfort zones. He avoided and I clung. In the end he put his foot down and it likely was for the best. I’m going through intense “emdr” therapy to hopefully work through past traumas. He was my best friend and partner. He was my main support. I’m in a new city away from family for my career. I absolutely love my job and will not leave it. Though I want to move back home and hide away. I feel lost, my routine is mixed up and nothing feels solid anymore. We both are to “blame” for the relationship not working. We openly spoke about wanting different things, though I still feel I wanted to make it work. I cannot force someone …