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Why Online Dating Can Drive You Bananas-Ass Crazy

Today I learned about a new online dating app. Or, I think it’s an app. I’m visiting California for a friend’s upcoming wedding and today, as I walked along the heated sidewalks of downtown, another friend told me he was using something called Scruff. “Scruff?” I asked, positive I’d heard wrong since Scruff is obviously the name for a dog-adoption agency (right!?) “It’s similar to Grindr. A dating app. Only nicer and for guys with, you know, scruff. Like beards.” Since I’d never once in my life heard of Scruff, I had to investigate. It is just like he explained: a dating app for gay men who, apparently, are scruffy. This friend was the same one who introduced me to the world of Grindr, years before. And he was the one who originally explained to me how Tinder works. And then just few months back I found myself asking a younger coworker to, just one more time, explain how SnapChat works. “Wait . . . what is it?” I heard myself ask, as if I’d …