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If you're nervous scared shy or anxious about first kiss advice

Nervous About Your First Kiss?

Freshman year of high school we wrote letters to our senior-selves. Upon opening my letter I was surprised to find I had high hopes for my love life. “By the end of high school I will have gone to a dance with a boy. I’ll for sure have had my first kiss by then.” It hadn’t. I told myself it would happen when I went off to community college. It didn’t. I told myself I would have my first kiss at the very least before I turned 21 at college. It didn’t. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 22. I remember feeling like I’d reached a point where I “should just get it over with.” It felt like everyone in the world had already been kissed. But here’s the thing: the older I get the more people I meet who are late bloomers. Who haven’t had their first kiss and are reaching their 30s. Or are reaching their 40s. And I find something beautiful about this. We are so convinced we must …