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Get Yer Gratitude On

Not just today. Every day. Forcing myself to slow down and acknowledge there is more abundance in my life than I might think has been one of the most powerful habits I’ve learned. It is the first thing I do when I can feel the clouds of depression rolling over distant mountaintops. It’s what I do when I feel the scratching claws of anxiety in the back of my throat. It’s a easy as it is hard. Rewire your thought patterns. I’m grateful for dogs. A hot cup of tea. Fog in the morning. People who allow me to be me. Peeta Mellark. The written word. Hugs. Comedy. Personal growth. Personal patience. Cats. But really, cuddling with my cat is the best. Blankets. Freedom of speech. Compassion. Mac n’ cheese.

What People Are Saying About “The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating”

Here are some snippets from reviews that are popping up for The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating book and let me just say THANK YOU. Seriously. This past year has been pretty challenging both personally and professionally and this project has been like a beacon of beautiful unicorn light. And now seeing your responses to the book is like glitter and sunshine sprinkled on top of that unicorn light. Along with some puppies. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this book. – Review by Lauren Hayley – ___ – Review by Angela Hamilton – ___ – Review by Ellie Miles – ___ – Review by Zoë – ___ – Review by Kelly – You guys, seriously, thank you.  And if you’re still wanting to read the book go here. Or here. Or here for a free sample. xo, hattie


How to Reduce Anxiety in 5 Easy Steps

1) Breathe This one is so simple, so innocuous, that we often forget about it. Since we do it without thought all day every day, breathing is something we often forget even happens. But when you feel your anxiety rising and your body reacting physically, bring your awareness back to your breath. Root yourself in the sensations you feel and the depth it brings. Here’s what I do: I breath in for four counts through my nose trying to be conscious of the way the air feels, the sounds it makes, and how it feels moving from my nostrils to my lungs. I hold it for four counts and feel the way my belly and chest expand. Then I release with purpose back through my nose, making a slight sound against the back of my throat. On the inhale I envision gold light being drawn in and when I release I picture dark clouds or fog being pushed from my body. This is all super hippy sounding to some people, but shit does it help! …