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15 Reasons It’s So Damn Scary to Fall in Love

1.If you grow to love someone deeply, to start building a life with them, to trust them, depend on them, believe in them, and dream with them, then you are at risk of losing everything. 2. Being vulnerable with someone is like being a crab without its shell who is then expected to cross an eight-lane highway during rush hour. 3. A dear friend of mine lost her father to a sudden heart attack while we were still in high school. Years later, I don’t recall how it came up, but she said she was afraid of truly falling in love since she has seen how painful it is when you lose it. I think of this a lot. 4. Falling in love can be a one-sided fall. You might think you’re riding a tandem bike, autumn leaves swirling magically around you both as you laugh at the wind trying to pull your hair free from a soft-knitted cap. But then you look over your shoulder and realize you’re riding the two-person bike all by yourself. 5. I wish …


I stumbled across this recent performance piece by Brenna Twohy where she compares her anxiety to a haunted house. She hails from the Portland area and I have no idea how I’ve never heard of her before. Breathtaking. It is just so perfect. Especially for the end of October. Watch. Connect. Love. Share.