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Cleaning before a date because anxious or nervous

Cleanliness and Dateliness

When I moved into my first one-bedroom apartment I had grand visions of being a great party hostess. I wanted people to always feel welcome, to lounge at my place until the late hours discussing writing and drinking wine. I envisioned game nights, movie nights, and dinner parties. But then reality came back to remind me: I hate hosting events. As much as I love people and love the idea of being a bohemian party hostess, I find hosting to  be a horrible experience. I spend days obsessively cleaning my place, then spend the entire party worrying, fretting, and eventually wanting everyone to leave so I can recharge my introverted battery. So when I first started dating one of my boyfriends, I hated having him over to my place. Not that I didn’t enjoy being with him, but I would exhaust myself with cleaning. I didn’t want him to know I sometimes had dirty dishes in the sink. Or that my cat’s litter box sometimes had poop in it. God forbid. He couldn’t know any of …