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If you're shy or nervous or anxious about intimacy

Worried About Your Lack of Foreskin Knowledge? You’re Not Alone.

As we sat around the metal table, the patio umbrella shielding us from the Seattle evening rain, we all listened to our friend’s Honeymoon stories. They’d just returned from their tropical vacation and the rest of us were eager to live vicariously through them. “The third day the water taxi took us to what turned out to be a nudist beach,” she said, laughing. Setting up shop on the beach, they sat reading their books among partially and/or not-at-all clothed crowds. Her husband leaned into the middle of the table. “At one point she looked up from her book and started looking around. Then she asked me ‘Wait…are you circumcised?’ “ Even as everyone joined in on the laughter myself and the other girlfriend’s quickly leapt to her defense, pointing out that we aren’t born inherently knowing what the penis looks like with or without foreskin. And unless someone has blatantly shown you one versus the other you might not be positive what you’re looking at. Plus googling that shit is RISKY and something you might …

If you're nervous scared shy or anxious about first kiss advice

Nervous About Your First Kiss?

Freshman year of high school we wrote letters to our senior-selves. Upon opening my letter I was surprised to find I had high hopes for my love life. “By the end of high school I will have gone to a dance with a boy. I’ll for sure have had my first kiss by then.” It hadn’t. I told myself it would happen when I went off to community college. It didn’t. I told myself I would have my first kiss at the very least before I turned 21 at college. It didn’t. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 22. I remember feeling like I’d reached a point where I “should just get it over with.” It felt like everyone in the world had already been kissed. But here’s the thing: the older I get the more people I meet who are late bloomers. Who haven’t had their first kiss and are reaching their 30s. Or are reaching their 40s. And I find something beautiful about this. We are so convinced we must …