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Why you should seek balance when you're anxious about love

Why Falling in Love Depends on Balance

If I look around I can affects of balance and imbalance in every aspect of my life. Especially my love life.

What Hattie Cooper's at knows about anxiety and depression and mental health

What My Cat Knows About Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

I adopted my cat Scout in 2008. Since then he has moved with me from college in San Luis Obispo, CA to Sacramento, to Spokane, and finally to Seattle. He’s been around for a lot of emotional turmoil, a lot of Hattie-feels-lost-right-now moments, and a lot of different crushes and heartbreak. Scout stared at me when I waited by my phone for that musician with the lazy eye to call in college. He sat next to me as I emailed my crush who lived two states away who eventually would reflect on our time together by saying “you have nice boobs.” He warily met Jared and eventually grew to love him more than he loves me (or so I fear). And Scout was even featured as a small cartoon drawing on the back of our Save the Dates. All these moments have given me anxiety and spiraled me into phases of darkness and he’s been present for every one of them. He’s handled it all with both affection and apathetic distance. His general attitude has always been, “whatever, I love …