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Why it's important to write your own wedding vows to yourself if anxious about dating

Writing Your Own Vows to Yourself, For Yourself

Wedding season hit me this year like a house dropping on the wicked witch of the east and my little legs are about to shrivel up after all the dancing to “Uptown Funk” I’ve gotta do. I’m at the age where people are getting married. A lot of people. And even though weddings tend to make me feel existential (they make me feel a lot of feelings like hope, joy, anxiety, dread, and why-are-weddings-so-goddamn-expensiveitis) I always look forward to hearing the vows.  I look forward to the vows because they feel like an anchor in the chaotic day. This past weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the wedding of one of my dearest friends from middle school. I’ve known her for sixteen years and have known them as a couple for nine. As I stood and listened to their vows, small playful banter sprinkled between heartfelt vows of love, I was touched by how clearly they knew each other. They drilled down to the bone of each others needs, strengths, fears, and …