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Getting to the Bottom of Things: How Core Beliefs Can Drive Anxiety

Recently I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the idea of feeling worthy. Whether it’s feeling worthy of love, of career success, of a certain duty or task or obligation, or feeling worthy of a good life. Everyone is worthy of living a good life, no matter what your definition of “good” ends up being, and yet a lot of us struggle to truly feel worthy. A few months ago I started going to therapy. Have I told you guys this yet? I’ve blogged about therapy before, mainly that I attempted to see a therapist a few times on my college campus to discuss the ways I was struggling with dating. The first therapist was a man and *spoiler alert* I lied my ass off during my first session with him. I think I even told him I had a boyfriend and “things were going great.” No joke. It was hilarious and sad. No wait, it was just sad. The second therapist I tried to see brought up medication by the end of our …