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I stumbled across this recent performance piece by Brenna Twohy where she compares her anxiety to a haunted house. She hails from the Portland area and I have no idea how I’ve never heard of her before. Breathtaking. It is just so perfect. Especially for the end of October. Watch. Connect. Love. Share.

Hattie C Cooper talks about why she hasn't been writing lately

An Explanation for Why I Haven’t Been Writing

When I write, I write about myself. Even if the poem is about an astronaut, it’s about me. Even if it’s about Harry Houdini, Poland, a prison break, the Zodiac Killer, the poem is about me. And, almost always, me in an intimate relationship. I’m never embarrassed to reveal things about myself. To share intimate details. I like putting myself down on paper in new ways that allow me to try and understand how I’m connecting (or not connecting ) with the people around me. But then something happened: I actually connected. For the first time I’m in a real, future-focused, relationship with a man. And I’ve stopped writing. I find it interesting. For the first time I am acutely aware of how my writing could make someone else feel. The way I used to write was always safe – the only person I was exploring or exposing or manipulating was myself or men who had already exited my life. When I wrote about myself in a relationship, that relationship had already ended or was …