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Win a Signed Copy of “The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating”

You guys. I’m getting married in a few days and life feels like I’m in the middle of that Fantasia scene where ostriches and hippos are ballerinas and music is blasting and my brain is a bottle of marbles. No joke? Last night I was wrapping presents at midnight and crying. I wasn’t even entirely positive why I was crying, I just was. Tissue paper, bags, ribbon, tears, tired tired tirwaitnowI’mlaughing. BUT. I’m also doing a giveaway on Goodreads! Huzzah! Big life events right and left! Goodreads Book Giveaway The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating by Hattie C. Cooper Giveaway ends March 18, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway   I only just realized that Goodreads even had this feature (since apparently I’m about as savvy as a rock). All you gota do is click “enter giveaway” and you’re entered to win one of four signed copies of the book. If you win, you’re welcome to tell me what you want me to write. I once was at a David Sedaris reading and he …

Hattie Cooper with Thriving with Social Anxiety

Win a Signed Copy of “Thriving with Social Anxiety”

I’m so excited to announce a giveaway of the book “Thriving with Social Anxiety,” which I wrote in collaboration with Althea Press! It was such an honor to work on this book and every minute I spent researching and writing felt like a gift. My favorite chapter is on practicing mindfulness. Every day I try to remember to be mindful of my actions (even if it’s just thinking “right now you’re typing on your keyboard!!”) If you’d like to win a free, signed copy of the book (or if you know someone who might like to receive a copy) enter the raffle by clicking on the image below! Or, go here. The contest runs until Thursday, August 17th. Winners will be notified on that day! Thank you to everyone who has supported this book and my other projects. Keep thriving in your everyday life!