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How the holidays can make you feel depressed or anxious about love

All the Feelings the Holidays Dig Up

The holidays bring up a lot of emotions and I know from experience that one of these emotions can be loneliness. I’m not sure if it’s the prevalence of romantic holiday movies, or the emphasis on connecting to other humans, but for some reason the Christmas-season is a time when I would always hate being single. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I feel like it’s gotten worse in the era of social media. Now every person can advertise what they do with their special significant other. Photos of cute winter-wonderland adventures. Couples buying trees together. Sipping cider. Traveling the world etc etc. I remember, years ago, seeing a photo of a friend and her boyfriend in Paris for Christmas: the image is seered into my brain. How could it not? When it comes to feeling lonely in the holiday season I highly suggest turning off your social media. Or at least avoiding it. I know this isn’t always easy — social media can be very addicting and can give you a sense of …