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Social Media Sometimes Makes Me Feel Miserable, So I Took a Break

Back in June I started to notice something every time I logged onto Twitter: it made me feel terrible. I would scroll, I would watch, and I would feel so so lost. But I am a blogger. I am a writer. I am expected to “build my brand” as an online presence. I need a “platform.” I need to be conscious of my accessibility, my persona, and my level of likability. I’m supposed to gain copious followers. I’m supposed to prove my popularity by my retweets, my likes, my finger on the pulse of the youth. There is so much potential with social media. And I’m the first to acknowledge that it’s done wonders for our ability to share, engage, and help move important causes forward (as well as the all-important abundance of cat videos). This year has felt rough though, as far as what is going on in the world. While every year, in the history of years, has it’s collections of tragedies, injustices, disasters, and sadness, I’ve felt the weight of 2016 a little …

Hattie Cooper with Thriving with Social Anxiety

Win a Signed Copy of “Thriving with Social Anxiety”

I’m so excited to announce a giveaway of the book “Thriving with Social Anxiety,” which I wrote in collaboration with Althea Press! It was such an honor to work on this book and every minute I spent researching and writing felt like a gift. My favorite chapter is on practicing mindfulness. Every day I try to remember to be mindful of my actions (even if it’s just thinking “right now you’re typing on your keyboard!!”) If you’d like to win a free, signed copy of the book (or if you know someone who might like to receive a copy) enter the raffle by clicking on the image below! Or, go here. The contest runs until Thursday, August 17th. Winners will be notified on that day! Thank you to everyone who has supported this book and my other projects. Keep thriving in your everyday life!