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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Secretly Dating

I’m Pretty Positive Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris are Still Dating & Here’s My PROOF

“But she’s looking at you.” Guys, she’s got her eye on us. For reals. Let’s Begin Listen, I know this is a complete 180 from my usual posts, but I’ve had a maddening cold this past week and basically all I’ve done is sit in bed and think about the Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris breakup because clearly I need to get out more. #dontjudge But here’s the thing. A few weeks back I was half-asleep at night and all of a sudden I thought, clear as day, they are still together. This is an epic troll-project. And now the more I look at things through this lens the more I’m so convinced. People have already pointed out that Taylor Swift(TS) and Tom Hiddleston(TH) could simply be filming a lengthy, elaborate video that comments on the way the media views her and relationships and I gotta say…I’m pretty much on board. But I also think that it’s totally possible her and Calvin Harris(CH) are still together. HEAR ME OUT. “But Hattie, HOW? So much has gone down?” you …